Apr 23, 2018

Monday Update

What a weekend. I didn't figure I would get much stitching time and I was mostly right. Jeremiah and me had a movie day Friday. We needed to watch Star Wars The Force Awakens again. I didn't remember it very well and we had plans to watch Star Wars Last Jedi. So I got schooled Friday on all things Star Wars. I'm so proud of how smart Jeremiah is. I sure can't keep this all straight and since he just LOVES Star Wars he knows it all. I did guess a few answers right on my Star Wars quiz and impressed my teacher so the padawan is learning haha. Friday evening I ended up being busy so Friday was a no stitch day after all.

Saturday we finally had a dry day. So off to our cabin spot we went. Dad got a load of gravel delivered Friday and our plan was to get the gravel put down for under where the cabin will sit...
It was a lot of work! But we got it done. Jeremiah even helped. Boy we were sore Sunday morning. I even used an ax for my first time. Wow! That's hard work!! My poor hand had a sore spot from the rake and the ax handles Sunday morning but this work is so exciting and it will pay off HUGE. Now we can get the cabin delivered which might happen tomorrow if the weather holds off. We just can't stop smiling because the memories we will make here will be priceless. The fun memories of getting it prepared are already wonderful.

Sunday morning Fred, Jeremiah, and I watched The Last Jedi finally. It was really good. But boy those Star Wars movies are long. Finally in the afternoon I was able to get to my stitching.

I finished off the back panel for the Myrtle Beach Postcard other than the stamp but it's done on a separate piece of silk gauze and then attached...
So at least I got some stitching in for the IHSW.

I hope everyone has a great week. I bet it will be blur for us. Mom has a doc appointment today. We are hoping to get the cabin delivered tomorrow. We leave for a mini vacation/weekend away this Friday morning till Sunday. So we will be packing and getting things ready for that. When I can though I'll be back to stitching Ocean in a Bottle this week. See ya later!


  1. This sounds like a really eventful weekend for you. Also with lots of work. But as long as some stitching is involved everything is fine, isn't it?
    Have a great vacation time this weekend.

  2. You're so busy with exciting things! I hope your mum's appointment goes well and you can relax and enjoy your weekend away.

  3. You have been very busy! My daughter is also a big fan of star wars. Enjoy your vacation.

  4. Busy weekend indeed! Saw your post about the cabin on FB.. boo, but will be worth the wait when they get it right.

  5. How exciting getting ready to have your cabin delivered:)
    Hope your moms appointment went well and you have a lovely mini break

  6. I've watched a couple of Star Wars movies, but couldn't tell you much about it. You're probably better 'schooled' than I am, lol.

    How exciting... a cabin!

  7. I may have seen one Star Wars movie, when they FIRST came around... EONS ago! It is VERY exciting that you got the gravel spread in preparation for the cabin delivery! Yay!

  8. We love Star Wars here too. Did I tell you about our Lego Death Star?

  9. Don't you just love it when your children have encyclopaedic knowledge about a subject, which can then make you look complete idiots?! Good for Jeremiah though; it's always good to be able to get the better of you parents. Here's hoping for a successful doctor's appointment and weekend away for you. :)


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