Apr 25, 2018

Just a Bad Day

Yesterday we were so excited. We woke up early. We hit the road. We needed to be to the campground at 10am for the delivery of our cabin. My Dad and Bev came. My Mom, Jeremiah, Fred was able to scramble and get the day off work, me. My Grandpa and Grandma. We would all be there to see my cabin get delivered. We were laughing and so excited for this new adventure for us. Here it came...
We said Ohh how pretty. We loved the colors we picked out. Let me show you a good picture of my Grandparent's cabin...
Their cabin is 10x16 inside with 4 foot added in covered porch space. We ordered ours from the same company. We got the same red roof but Ocean Blue of course for the sides haha. Also we are adding our own longer covered porch so our inside living space is 12x24. Since we really plan on using ours a lot and it will be so nice when mom comes down to stay with us. We all were happy with the color choices. Then my dad said....Sis it looks short...
I seriously thought he was joking with me. I thought Yeah because it's so much bigger than Grandpa's. Then he handed me a tape measure and said I'm serious go check. What? So we measured it. It was only 16 foot long. They mis-measured big time. Um. What in the world are we going to do. I checked my paper. The delivery guy checked his paper. Yep ordered a 24 foot long building. Calls were made and apologies started. We weren't getting our cabin today. What a wasted day off for Fred. Of all the things I could have thought would go wrong....I sure didn't think they would cut 8 foot off my cabin! We heard from the company yesterday they can't believe what happened. They are building a new one and started it immediately yesterday. They already have the floor complete and hopefully will have it ready next week sometime. We are hoping they can deliver it May the 5th because we doubt Fred can get another day off. We'll see.

On top of that I am very overwhelmed with everything I need to do by Friday morning so we can enjoy our weekend away. Plus my baby turns 20 tomorrow. I think the shock of that is really hurting my heart and getting me down. Later in the day yesterday our garage door broke. Repair guy coming today to fix it. Also we found out a family member that has been dealing with some major health issues got a lot of bad news yesterday. So it sure seemed like one thing after another was just going way wrong. I found this picture today...

So I need to breath and pick myself back up. I have laundry and packing to do today. Other than that I'm going to bury my sorrows into my stitching. I need those X's to carry my stress away and most the time it works. Thanks for listening to me whine.


  1. It's not a whine. Simply a recounting of the awful things that all happened together. It happens to all of us and we should feel comfortable enough to tell our friends to let off some of the steam and then forge ahead. I had a minor crappy day on Monday afternoon but I set it aside and sat down to stitch to get rid of the bad feelings. Poor hubby had to listen to me. You needed us (the stitching community) to tell and us listen since it happened to more than just you but all of your family. We are here for you.

  2. Oh that stinks! :/ Hopefully they will get YOUR cabin made quickly and delivered soon so that your family can begin enjoying it soon and creating lots of fun family memories there.


  3. So sorry- how disappointing! Hope they get it right this time, maybe they'll add 8 feet to make up for it! I sure hope you have a refreshing weekend!

  4. Oh no, that's a lot to take in! So maybe they'll do something extra for you or lower the price? At least they started working on it straight away.
    I'm sorry to hear about your family member, that's never easy.
    But hey, celebrate big for Jeremiah's birthday tomorrow! Give him a hug from me and consider yourself hugged too!

  5. I am sorry they screwed up on your cabin, but glad to hear they started to build it right away! And I am VERY HAPPY to hear Jeremiah is turning 20! Wow! He is a delight to everyone, even your blogging buddies like me! Hugs!

  6. You're not whining....and even if you were, that's ok! :) Happy Birthday to Jeremiah....hope you all have a wonderful day.

  7. That was really a bad day. Also for the company who built the cabin and got the measurement wrong. But mainly for you of course. Such a disappointment.
    Happy Birthday to Jeremiah!!!!

  8. What a disappointment. I hope they're going to give you something for the inconvenience of it all!

  9. Sending a {hug} and Happy Birthday wishes to your birthday boy.

  10. "I try to take things one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me all at once"!
    Most appropriate quote for today.
    I do hope the company are going to give you a discount or add something extra to the cabin for the inconveniece - gold plated taps, foldout craft room, hot tub?

  11. Goodness me, if it doesn't rain...
    I hope everything turns out well in the end. The cabin company seem to be working with you rather than trying to make all sorts of excuses so that's good customer service, even if it does mean you have to wait longer. As for Jeremiah turning 20... Wow! Happy Birthday Young Man! :)


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