May 21, 2018

Monday Stitching and Cabin Update

Last week I got 4 days of stitching into Ocean in a Bottle. Here it was before...
Here it is now...
I have 15 days into this one now.

Over the weekend we were back to work on our cabin. We went down Friday night so we could have some extra time. It ended up being only us and we had a fun time. It was raining really hard on our trip down and we kept saying Wohoo we don't have to setup our tent. This cabin is sure a wonderful thing! We got our beds setup and ready for the night and then we pulled out a table and some chairs, turned on the radio, and played Skip-bo for awhile...
Saturday we worked on more insulation and getting the front wall electricity finished up. One time it was just pouring down rain and the 5 of us had a dry spot sitting in our cabin continuing our work. Yet another benefit of our nice big cabin. We could all be inside out of the rain safe and sound with room to spare. Sunday off we went shopping. This time Uncle Marty and Dad came along. It was time to get our wall and ceiling panels. Fred and I had fallen in love with this one when we first seen it. We checked another store with even more options and yet that first panel was in our mind as the one we wanted. So we bought them all and got to work. Here is finished left wall...
LOVE it. It looks like a real log cabin now. Yet it's smooth to the touch. So happy with how it's turning out. It was time to call it quits for the day then. We had a lovely meal and had fun visiting with everyone. Then too fast it was time to head home. We have plans for the Memorial Day weekend so we will be back to work in June. Can't wait! We just get so excited with our progress and can't wait to see what we get done next. We are literally happy campers haha.

Have a great week! Lots of plans and things to do but hope to squeeze in some X's too.


  1. It does make it look like a real log cabin! You guys made an awesome choice. Good progress on your stitching.

  2. Looks really great Katie and such fun to make exactlty how you want it,no wonder you can't wait to get back there.
    Ocean in a Bottle is looking good.

  3. Your stitching is looking lovely! Nice to know you are having lots of family fun building the cabin.

  4. Great work on the Ocean in a Bottle piece and your cabin too.

  5. Ocean in a Bottle is looking superb as is the new wall in the cabin.

  6. Glad you managed to fit in some stitching alongside everything else. I'm loving Ocean in a Bottle more each time I see it.
    The cabin wall looks amazing and so welcoming. And with all that rain you at least know it's waterproof!


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