May 29, 2018

May Smalls SAL, WIPocalypse, and Holiday Weekend Update

Pull up a chair I have a long update ahead. First things first it was time for the Smalls SAL update Friday. I hope everything is okay with our wonderful hostess she hasn't posted the check in for April or May. I have been keeping up though. The idea for this fun SAL is to do a small piece each month. I've been using this SAL as an excuse to do a monthly piece since I've joined. Here is my May finished pillow from the Durene Jones Calendar Freebie...
Sunday was check in time for the WIPocalypse. This SAL is pushing us to finish all our WIPs before the apocalypse. Yeah Right! Like that would ever happen. I enjoy using this as an excuse to keep track of what I've worked on during the time span. So let's see what I've been working on since my last check on April 30th...

Ocean in a Bottle -- 5 Days. Here I was last time...
Here I am now...
Durene Jones Calendar -- I finished the May pillow at the top in 3 Days.

Cabin Fever MH -- 1 Day. Here is my progress on this Mill Hill kit now...
Spring Bell Pull -- 3 Days. I've been working on the N block. Here it was before...
Here it is now...
August Snapshot -- 3 Days. I started another one of the Pine Mountain Snapshots. I need to finish this one, Sept, and Oct to finish up my monthly pieces from last year's Smalls SAL. Here is my progress so far on August...
Here is what it will look like when finished up...
I've had 13 days of no stitching. Mostly because of working on our cabin so that's a great reason to miss stitching at least.

Over Memorial Day weekend we had a different kind of camping planned...
We went up to a friend's house in Michigan and had a rustic weekend of camping in our tent. Boy we missed our cabin but we had a blast with friends. It was crazy hot. Low 90's. We didn't do anything other than be lazy and relax. It was great. We told stories and just got to know one another even better. It was a great recharge for the brain. Now to get back to all the hustle and bustle of life.


  1. Great progress on your stitching even when you were so busy.

  2. Love your stitching! GLad you had fun camping. And thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I appreciate it!

  3. Great FFO and progress on everything! I need to start my bottle, but really want to finish a couple other WIPs first. Glad the cabin is worth all the work!

  4. I think Heather was on holiday at the beginning of May and maybe it's taking her time to catch up?
    Your N has really grown this month, there's a lot of detail in each of those letters.
    Glad that you enjoyed the camping, you always seem to have such fun weekends!

  5. Great projects and lovely to see your progeess. Your weekend 'home' looks great fun.

  6. Wow so much stitchy progress on your beautiful projects. You were doing a great job.
    I was away for a while but have just "worked" my way through your last 8 posts and admired how much you all have worked on the new cabin. But I think this is a kind of fun-work and you probably can't wait to see your cabin finished.

  7. I love to see the Spring bell pull, such a lot of detail in it and so pretty. Ocean in a bottle is growing really well.

  8. You made lots of great progress Katie! I am loving the Spring Bell Pull!

  9. Love the Ocean in a Bottle and the Bell Pull. Great stitching. Outdoors always has a way of being really good for us.

  10. So nice to see all your progress for the month together, and the combination of new and older pieces. Considering the time spent at the cabin you still managed a good amount of stitching. :)

  11. No stitching for 13 days? Could have fooled me! Everything is looking great, I'm still love the calendar months. I'm glad you had fun camping with friends, that's always a good time!


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