Jun 4, 2018

Monday Update

Another Monday. Didn't I just do a Monday update yesterday? Boy it feels like it. The weeks are just FLYING by. So much I need to do too. Last week was busy busy. I was able to get 2 days of stitching at least. I continued working on the August Snapshot here it is now after 5 days...
Fred, Jeremiah and I finally stole enough time to go see Deadpool 2. It was fantastic of course. We loved it. Now we just need to get there to see the new Star Wars Solo movie. Hopefully this week.

This weekend we were back to work on our cabin. Here are some photos...
We got all the wall panels on. We got a start on the white ceiling panels too. I love how it brightens the cabin. Jeremiah even used the air nail gun to install some of the panel. I'm glad I didn't know about it till after he did it haha...
He is still just so excited to help out so much. We enjoy counting down the days till it's time to go back to work.
After we got the wall panels on Jeremiah and me put the outlet covers on. Again it just looks great to have a finished off outlet now.
During the memorial day camping weekend a friend of mine's mother was over visiting. She was talking about going to garage sales. I said Oh I really need to get to some. She said What was I looking for? I said I needed a dresser for the cabin. She just happened to have one in her basement she was looking to get rid of. They said it's probably older than me so might need a new paint job but guess the price.....free. Can't pass that up. It was exactly what we wanted too. Wide and short. So even better. I took the one handle off because I'm going to get some different ones. One less thing we need to find now.
This was the big surprise this weekend. I've showed some pictures of Jeremiah on his 4 wheeler. It was a peg perego for those who know what they are. It's a kid toys really. Luckily Jeremiah never went over the weight limit though of course so he could still use it. We bought it when Jeremiah was 9 years old! It's been fantastic. His normal wheelchair just doesn't like grass and off roading. But it's been getting harder for Jeremiah to get on and off because of his long legs. He not a baby no matter how much I want to believe it. My Grandpa was watching and said he wasn't going to rest until Jeremiah had a COOL new thing to ride around on. He ordered this and the whole family was so excited for Jeremiah to get there and finally get to receive it. This has to be the neatest power chair we've ever seen. Definitely COOL. It goes so fast! Jeremiah even rode around on the trails my dad has at the campground. He was all smiles all weekend. So much more independent. He can just jump on and go wherever he wants. So much easier. And so much more cool. Grandpa is very happy to have treated his great grandson too.

Fred and I celebrated 17 years married this Saturday too. We are so much more in love now than 17 years ago. I'm so lucky. We loved working on our cabin and enjoying the family time all weekend. Perfect. That's all I can keep saying. This whole cabin is just perfect. Is it Friday yet??

By the way. In case you haven't noticed Blogger stopped sending email alerts for comments. I heard from Jo they are working on it but who knows how long it will be. So unfortunately I'm having a hard time remembering to check my blog to see who has commented on the past posts. I have caught up now and I appreciate each comment my lovely readers have been making. Just definitely hard to email a reply now. So thanks for the comments. I am reading them. Hopefully blogger will get this fixed soon.


Ariadne said...

Happy for Jeremiah's new wheelchair!AriadnefromGreece!

Rachel said...

Everything's happening to the cabin so quickly now that you've got a new DIY-er on the job - and with a fantastic set of new wheels too - go Jeremiah!! Glad you're still fitting in a bit of stitching time too. :)

Preeti said...

Lovely stitching! Belated anniversary wishes to both of you:)
Good to see Jeremiah enjoying his new power ride:)

Brigitte said...

So great to see Jeremiah sit in his new power chair. He must be very excited to use it and to get where he wants to.
And happy for you that work on the cabin is so well progressing.
Happy belated anniversary to you and Fred!

Faith... said...

How awesome is your family! I hope Jeremiah has many happy trips around the campground in his new chair! It looks awesome! The cabin looks great too and is really coming along quickly!

August looks good. I hope blogger gets it's stuff together soon...it is a pain right now!

Lesley said...

Your cabin is coming on nicely:)
Jeremiah must be so happy to the independance he has with his great gift from Grandpa.
Lovely stitching too.
Happy 17th Anniversary to you and your husband:)

Terri said...

Happy belated anniversary! And I can see Jeremiah's smile all the way in Indy! :-)

Julie said...

Such a lovely smile your young man has, no wonder after receiving that beautiful gift. what a difference that will make for him.
I'm struggling with the 'no email' thing too, but I am not techno minded so that doesn't help!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Great post. Your young man is growing up fast and gaining a lot of skills too.
Congratulations on the wedding anniversary too!
Re the commenting - I've been clicking "notify me" on all my own posts so I still get the emails.

Astrids dragon said...

Oh wow, the cabin is coming along beautifully, especially with Jeremiah's expertise! And his new ride, awesome!
Lucky you getting the dresser, free is great!
Happy Anniversary to you and Fred, quite an accomplishment nowadays!

Mii Stitch said...

Omg, so much is happening and I have a lot to catch up with it seems :) I hope you are all ok, back on new blog from Mii to you!