Jun 20, 2018

June Durene Jones Finish

Guess what I have a finish to report...
 (Finish #17) June 20th, 2018
  June from Durene Jones Calendar
Freebie available on her FB Group
Stitched on 14ct Ecru Aida
Threads are suggested DMC
Started Jun 14th. Took 4 Days.

As you can see now I got June assembled and on display. Yet another I enjoyed doing. Just glad I got it done in time. My months are sure flying by since we've been so busy.

Another fun thing to share...Monday we had a very excited evening. We watch WWE (World Wresting Entertainment) together as a family and have for probably almost 10 years now. I used to watch it with my dad when I was little and one night I thought it would be fun to show it to Jeremiah. We've been hooked ever since. They came to our town for a show. We had been 2 times before but always had bad seats 6 rows back. Which just doesn't work because everyone stands up and Jeremiah's view was blocked a majority of the time. This time we were able to get amazing seats...
We were in the front row at the corner. Jeremiah was just so excited! He counted down every day until the day was finally here. When we got in to our seats he was just beaming. It was an amazing show and he even got high fives from two of his favorite wrestlers how cool is that! What a fun experience. He is still talking about it of course. It felt like at any moment they would be in our laps we were so close.

Also the lovely Jo has informed us that Blogger has finally fixed the comment issue. Boy I've been missing responding to each comment that my lovely readers have been leaving. She has blogged a step by step post to show how to make sure you can receive emails now. Please go here to see what she has described so perfectly. I look forward to seeing your comments again in my inbox.


  1. Congratulations on finishing June before the end of June! I'm not a WWE fan, but I'm sure you had a truly amazing night!

  2. June is just so cute. Looking forward to those strawberries next month!
    Glad you had a good night out and are able to remember it with some extra special high-fives. :)

  3. Sweet little turtle finish :)

  4. A nice little finish again. And how great for you all to have better seats this time so that Jeremiah could fully enjoy the show.

  5. How great that Jeremiah got so close to the action--I'm sure he hasn't stopped talking about it :) And what a cute June finish, Katie!

  6. Great seats for the WWE!
    Super June finish, these are so sweet.

  7. Those were great seats for the WWE. Jacob always loves going to the live events and we watch it too here. I only do the PPVs now but the boys watch it all. June looks great and you finished just in time!!

  8. Congrats on the cute finish! Glad to know you all had a fun time at the event.

  9. What great seats! Glad to hear you all enjoyed it. Your June stitch is very pretty.

  10. Glad that you enjoyed the acting, oops, I mean wrestling! You certainly had great seats this time.
    Congratulations on the happy dance for another cute pillow.
    Hope you are enjoying getting emails for the comments again, it's so nice to have things working properly.

  11. I waited to comment on your June because I knew you had finished it. Such a cute piece, it looks great!
    Oh yes, great seats! I'm glad Jeremiah was able to see better and than no one fell on you guys!


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