Jun 18, 2018

Monday Update

I really enjoyed all the comments on my last post. Yes I admit it I really stretched the shoehorns on that check in post haha. Glad you all liked it at least. I'm just glad I've been getting any stitching time squeezed in. So here we are another Monday. Let's see what I've been up to...

Since my last post I was able to squeeze in more stitching time on the June Durene Jones Calendar piece Friday. Fred had a meeting to attend after work so we didn't get to head to our cabin till 9pm that night. Here is my 2 days progress now it's going fast...
It was IHSW so at least I got some stitching time Friday. Then we were off to the cabin again. It was forecast to be miserable hot all weekend. We even had a heat advisory both days. But we hoped with our cabin AC we would still be able to get work done.
Our goals for this weekend were to work on getting the center beam built up that runs down the center of the cabin. The above picture shows it before. We wanted to build it down and make it a more sturdy beam and also to hide the ceiling fan electric line and to get them installed. Saturday we got to work. We were working hard and fast and boom....no power. What?!? So we called to have them come out to look at it. I had heard a loud boom outside and thought That's not good. They were there really fast thankfully found out tree limbs had grown onto the power lines and were rubbing them enough to pop off the power. Some trimming and we were back on and back to work. It was off about an hour and half. By the end of the day though I had my lights!!!
The fans also really helped with circulating the AC air around and really cooled it down better. It's so awesome now to just hit a switch and have LIGHTS! We had been using these plug in work lights. They put off so much heat and you had to walk in and turn them on. So now I can just reach in a flip a switch. Wohoo. My Uncle also got one of the 3 windows all framed up to show me what it would look like finished...
So beautiful! It was all rough edges before. Then we started work on the beams going across to make them more sturdy and more of log cabin look...
You can really see the difference now in the two pictures from the top one to the bottom one. The center beam and 1 of the 3 across beams is done. So even with the heat we got a lot of progress. This coming weekend we have fun plans with friends. But I heard rumors my dad and Uncle are going to work on the front porch. Which will be SO NICE. Right now there is a pretty big step to get in and out. We will be back down the weekend after. Can't wait to see what we do next. More finishing it off and adding trim here and there. Every day it just gets better and better.

Hope everyone has a great week.


  1. With your busy schedule it looks like it might take the rest of the month for you to finish the June piece, but I hope not! By the way, although the cabin's looking more fab with each passing weekend, I'm missing the photos of your little DIY-er at work... where are you, Jeremiah?! :)

  2. The cabin looks great and thankfully they came out and found the problem with the power lines so quickly. Will your Dad and Uncle be putting in a ramp for the porch for Jeremiah's chair?

    1. LOL I forgot - your stitching looks great too. Hope June gets finished in time!!

  3. Such great progress even with the power outage, the light/fan is perfect.
    Pretty June stitching

  4. Great work on the light. With so much going on you did well to get a bit of stitching done too

  5. Lovely stitching! And good progress on your cabin work too.

  6. Great work on the cabin, especially the fan.
    Slow and steady on the stitching too!

  7. It keeps getting better and better, I'm sure the fans are a big plus. And lights, yeah!


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