Nov 5, 2018

Monday Update: Last Halloween Finish

Here we are November 5th but I stuck with one last Halloween finish for the year. The Frosted Pumpkin Halloween piece demanded to be finished before I moved on to something else. So I worked on it all week. Friday I really hoped to finish it and Oh I got so close if you follow me on Instagram. I needed only another hour probably. But we had cabin plans and I didn't want to take stitching with me this time. Saturday we had an adult Halloween party. We had a lot of fun. One last real celebration. We put up some Halloween lights on our deck...
The little lights in the front are bats. You can't tell very well. We also had lights around the tree you can't see in this photo and a big spider web over on the right. Hard to get good night time pictures. The weather was beautiful Saturday. 56 degrees and no rain finally. So we could all enjoy sitting around the fire. The pond hasn't made much progress because we've been getting a lot of rain lately. They just mostly pushed some trees and dirt around so no real update with that just yet. Sunday we packed all the decorations away and I admit it was sad. We emptied our snacks from the cabinet. Put away all the extra drinks so they wouldn't freeze. It's the end of the season. We will miss it! The family was all about in tears. We know we can't go the whole winter without going back though. We already said we will probably go down the weekend after Thanksgiving if only for just one night. We will miss it by then. It's been an amazing season. We have sure enjoyed our time in our cabin!!!

So Sunday after we got home and I picked my Halloween piece back up I was right about an hour later I had a finish to celebrate...
(Finish #26) November 4th, 2018
Halloween Spooky Sampler from The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery
Stitched on 32ct Bewitched Linen
Threads are Suggested DMC and a few Weeks Dye Works
Started Aug 10th. Took me 17 Days.

This is another YOW (Year of WIPs) piece to mark off the list. I'm so happy it's finished. I really enjoying stitching it and I'm glad I have the Christmas one to look forward too now later this year. I really hope to finish it as a pillow to display. I'm really considering asking for a better sewing machine from Santa. Then I can actually FINISH the things I want to. My stupid machine just causes me too many problems.

Next I'm going to celebrate my Halloween finishes with a new start. The Beer Dragon is finally making his way onto my Q-Snaps. Can't wait to get the first x's in.


Rachel said...

Big congratulations on your wonderful finish. I look forward to seeing it as a cushion, providing Santa is good to you this year!
You're not the only one who will miss your cabin - it's been an adventure and I'll miss your updates too! Now he's a dab hand at DIY you'll have to find a new project for Jeremiah to get his teeth into next year!! :)

Faith... said...

Oh it looks awesome! Congrats on another finish.

Oh no...sorry you have come to the end of the camping season; it seems like it only just started.

Astrids dragon said...

Woot, woot, you finished! It looks wonderful, what a cute piece. A sewing machine sounds like a perfect thing to ask for, I think you've stitched plenty to make it worthwhile!
I'm glad you had a great last weekend at the cabin, the weather certainly cooperated for you. One more time would be fun, isn't there a heater there?

Brigitte said...

Ahhh, such a lovely Halloween finish. Congratulations, Katie!

Julie said...

The cabin does looks so inviting all lit up and pretty.
A great finish, well done.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Great Hallowe'en finish and cabin decorations too. Shame you can't go there in the Winter, you need to fly south for the warmer climes!