Jul 15, 2019

Monday Update

Here we are another Monday. Let's see what I was up to last week. I already shared with you Mom's Nautical pillow that I finished on Monday. Tuesday I got started on my Lizzie Kate Flip It Stamp. Guess what....
(23) July 12th
 July Lizzie Kate Flip-It Stamp
Stitched on 14ct Oatmeal Aida
Threads are Suggested DMC
Started Jul 9th. Took 4 Days.
12 Hours 2 Minutes Start to Finished. 

Friday right before hubby got off work I was able to finish it. I was worried I wouldn't get it done in time. I had a half hour to spare. Cutting it close. I'm using this one for E on the #24HoursofCrossStitchMonthlyChallenge acrostic because we like to Eat watermelon in the summer. So now I have two letters of the 10 marked off. 

I took the Flip Flop Mill Hill kit with me to the cabin for the weekend. I'm using it for the R acrostic because the flip flops are Red. I was able to squeeze in 48 minutes Saturday...
It was really hot so spent some time indoors watching movies to soak up the air conditioning. Then the pond called to cool us down. In the evening we were going to watch a movie on our big outdoor screen but we all got to talking and ended up talking until bedtime. It was wonderful. Even though it was hot we ended up having another lovely family involved weekend. 

Sunday we got home right before dinner. There was a WWE pay per view in the evening so that meant extra stitching time. I finished up the stitching on the Flip Flops now just need to add the beads and assemble it...
Looks pink in this photo but it's red.....trust me.

We are having a real heat wave this week with deadly temps this weekend. Again let me say I'm so glad our cabin has AC haha. We are going to go down there though because we still have a stack of movies to watch. Every time we watch one I get happy our stack is lower and then dad hands me two more to watch. I don't think we'll ever get ahead. But we really enjoyed the movies we've watched so it's okay with us. 
I hope everyone has a great week and finds a lot of time for those X's. Not your ex's! Stay away from those haha.  Hopefully I'll be back to celebrate the Mill Hill finish very soon. Today is also time for a Gifted Gorgeousness update but I'll be back tomorrow to do that I think. I've already posted twice today haha.


Sheryl said...

Hi Katie wow such beautiful work my friend,i love those flip flops,hope you have an awesome day my friend xx

Cathy said...

Love the watermelon and the flip flops; both scream SUMMER! We just go air conditioning in our house last month and I'm loving it.

Julie said...

The MillHill is looking great.
Colours on the screen never look the same do they, I like the flip flops showing pink on mine, but red would be good too!

LindaLee said...

So glad you have a cool place to hang out during this awful heat wave. Yes. It's hot and humid here as well. Just awful and I'm so thankful that we have a cool house to relax in.
You've really gotten a lot of stitching done! You do such a great job on every single piece. Stay cool my friend.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I love watermelon, tastes beautiful and stitches up beautifully too!

Faith... said...

The LK stamp looks great and it is FFO'd! I am looking forward to seeing the flip flops assembled because I have no idea on how they should look! Enjoy your movie weekend, hope it is not to hot out for you to watch them.

Rachel said...

Certainly a summery-themed week of lovely stitching! Hope you were able to stay safe and cool during your heatwave. I melt at anything above about 25C! :)

Astrids dragon said...

Great watermelon, perfect for the summer!
The flip flops look cute, even if they're not really pink.
The AC has been wonderful around here too, too hot for my liking.