Jun 10, 2015

June Turtle Trot

It's the 10th which means it's Turtle Trot time! I just realized I missed not one but two check ins! April we were traveling and May was just a blur. But I'm here now. Let's see what I've been up to since March on my Turtle Trot list...

1. 99 - Haven't worked on.

2. Advent Animals - Haven't worked on.

3. Christmas Pals Ornaments - In March I had started # 2 of the 6. Here is where it was...
Here that one is finished which I finished March 23rd...
I just started # 3 of the 6 on Monday. Here is where I am with it after working on it 2 Days...
4. Cut Thru Pirate Ship - Haven't worked on.

5. Hold on to Hope HAED - I just recently brought her back out. The post before this one talks about her. She will definitely be back out to play soon.

6. Mill Hill Kits (Want to do 1 a month)
For the March Check in I had finished 2 of the 12. I missed April but finished 2 in May. I haven't done the June one yet. So now I have 5 of the 12 finished. They are on my 2015 Finishes tab at the top.

7. Seasonal Wordplay (All 4 Seasons) - Haven't worked on.

8. Selkie by HAED
Since the March update I've got a lot done! Here is where I was...
Here is where I am now...
I'm already working on the 2nd page. I went down instead of over for the pages so I could get to something other than sky haha. I just love working on this one.

9. Snow Drifters - Haven't worked on.

10. In May I was able to finish Think Big. I had added it to my Turtle Trot list end of Feb. Here it is finished...
Since I have it marked off the list I had an opening. I haven decided to add Wave Dancer by Dinky Dyes. Here is what it will look like...
I really look forward to starting it and getting it finished up. Well I've been busy since March but I didn't do very good working on my Turtle Trot list I guess. I'll have to see what I can do before the next check in.


  1. Great progress on all your projects!! Can't wait to see your work on Wave Dancer! Love all those beautiful blues!!

    1. Thank you. The ones I got seem a lot brighter too so I'm really looking forward to seeing them in progress.

  2. Katie, you've been buuuuuuuuuuusy!! I love those little penguins and awwww, Think Big is so adorable! :D

  3. Great progress on everything and nice start on the ornament!

    1. Thank you very much. Trying to finish it today. We'll see.

  4. I think all the progress on Selkie overrules all the others haha. I love Wave Dancer! Those blues will be lovely to work on and give you some different ones from Selkie LOL.

  5. Great progress on your projects and good that you finished some of them:)
    Hats off to your patience for stitching the huge sky !!

  6. Great progress on your projects! I love all of them <3

  7. Oh great progress Katie! Selkie is really coming along and I was so happy to see Hope make an appearance again. I love your new choice and would be interested to hear how you like Dinky Dyes threads as I have heard lots of good things about them.

  8. I love the designs you choose:) never boring. Neat progress!

  9. All your projects are just so nice & you've made great progress considering your son was quite poorly & scared us all :)

  10. I love all your projects, and you're making some wonderful progress!

  11. Awesome finish and progress Katie.


  12. Gorgeous stitching! Well done on the lovely finish, it's just too cute! I love the Dinky Dyes one as well :) Great work!

  13. Oh wow, you've done really well this year so far. Especially considering the holiday time you took.
    I just love that final design, I think I said so before! I'll probably keep saying it every time it appears!

  14. You have done great stitching these past few months!


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