Dec 10, 2017

Christmas Jar Finish / New Start

(14) December 9th, 2017
Christmas Jar Ornaments from Dimensions
  2nd of 4. Used Kit Materials.
Started November 24th. Took 8 Days.
I was able to finally get the 2nd jar finished up last night. Here they both are now...
Another fun stitch. I definitely won't have them finished by Christmas Day but I will hopefully soon. Plus when I finish the stitching I just have to cut them out and done. No sewing haha.

I bought this kit from the PALs Retreat this year and it's screaming for my attention so I'm going to start it today...
These were available from Rovaris. They were a company that came all the way from Italy! I heard they are really easy to finish into the keychain when finished so I figured let's try it.

I'm off to stitch the day away. Hope everyone has a great last day of the weekend. I'm taking advantage of no plans for today.


  1. Hello

    I'm visiting you from Jo's blog.
    I love the jar finishes the colours are lovely.
    Your new start looks lovely too.
    I enjoyed looking at your great blog.
    Have a good weekend.

  2. Yay for another jar finished! I like the greenish cast this one has. And the keychain kit looks so interesting; that'll make a nice finish.

  3. Another fabulous finish! I love the next kit you plan to work on. Happy stitching!

  4. Those jars are lovely! Great work. I do hope you'll display them this year.

  5. You are keeping the jars, right?! I don't know that I would be able to give them away!
    I'm looking forward to your review on your new start, it looks like fun.

  6. Oh great, another one finished. You are on a roll, Katie, aren't you?

  7. The jars look so cute ! Lovely stitching!

  8. Congrats on the cute finish Katie.


  9. Congrats on finishing another jar, they look great and would be fantastic in your tree :)

  10. Congratulations on the Happy Dance for the jar, looks great!

  11. I love the jars! They look great. Hope you are able to easily make your keychain.

  12. The jars are too cute! Can't wait to see the final shots. And look forward to seeing just how the keychain works out. Hugs!


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