Jun 11, 2018

Monday Update

I sound like a broken record. Another Monday? But seriously. Can someone tell life to SLOW DOWN a bit. Every day is just packed. Pardon me while I scream and lose my mind. Okay I might be better. Let's see...

I did get 2 days of stitching time last week. I'm still working on the August Snapshot...
I miss my solid days of stitching time. Is it Winter yet?

If you have Netflix and like spooky movies watch The Boy. It was really good. A lot like Annabelle if you watched that one. Another creepy doll movie. I'm sorry if you like dolls but no thank you I'll stick to stuffed animals. Although I'm sure they have made scary stuffed animal movies too haha.

This weekend we were back to work at our cabin. Friday it stormed HARD all night and we just kept saying over and over Wow we are glad we aren't in our tent. We were dry and safe from all the lightning. Saturday my dad was busy all day but my uncle came over to help with the ceiling panels. We were able to get them all up before he needed to leave for a birthday party...
Pardon the extra boards in the way we are storing them there till we need them. I love the white panels it really helps to brighten up the cabin. My uncle was going to a party and my dad was busy until late so we took the opportunity to go into town and go to the movies. Jeremiah my Star Wars nerd wanted to see the new Star Wars Solo movie. He loved it! He talked all the way back about all the hidden things he wanted to make sure we didn't miss seeing haha. I'm glad we were able to take time to watch it. Sunday we woke up to more storms.....more storms.....more rain.....well there goes our hope of more progress. We were rained out. Couldn't setup the saw and things in the pouring down rain and mud. So we played cards and had fun visiting and making next weekend's plans. Again we were dry and safe in our lovely cabin instead of our what would have been a wet wet tent after this weekend. We just keep smiling at our perfect our new cabin is.

Still no emails from Blogger.
Mii I saw your comment. Welcome back to the blog world! I missed you!!
Astrid Thanks. We just love our new cabin. Jeremiah loves his new ride. So cool!
Jo Yes Jeremiah is learning so much. I'm so thankful. Just can't say it enough.
Thank you everyone else for all the comments. I really hope Blogger gets this email thing fixed soon.


Faith... said...

The August Snapshot is coming along very nicely and it looks like it should be finished next time you work on it. The cabin is looking great. Don't rush the summer... that is better weather for you to work on your cabin. I hope Blogger fixes itself soon too, ot is a pita right now!

Stitching Noni said...

Love your August block!
Wow - sounds like the cabin is coming along quite nicely. How wonderful it must have been to sit in the dry and warm cabin with a storm raging outside... so much better than a tent!!! I never wish summer away! I am much happier with long, hot and sunny days than cold, dark, miserable days!!
Enjoy :o)
Hugs x

Rachel said...

The cabin's looking good! Just imagine combining winter camping with cross-stitching and you'll be in heaven there! :)

Mii Stitch said...

Could the email blip be related to that new GDPR thing??! Great stitching, the series is so sweet!
It is hard work to come back and start a new blog from scratch but lovely to be with everyone again :)

Brigitte said...

Great progress on the August snapshot, it grows and grows. Just as your cabin does. That cabin will be perfect for you and your family.

Justine said...

Wow your cabin looks and sounds wonderful! You'll have so many good times there.
My boys want to see Solo, and also the new Jurassic World movie, so many good ones out this year!
Lovely stitching too!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Nice work on the Snapshot and the cabin ceiling too!
We haven't even seen the start of summer here never mind the end!

Julie said...

You've all made great progress on the cabin, its looking fabulous.
The snapshot looks super.

Preeti said...

Your cabin looks great! My daughter saw the movie last month with her dad. I am not a star wars fan.

Astrids dragon said...

I saw The Boy too, just a little creepy! I'll stick with my stuffed animals as well.
We still haven't seen Han Solo, but might just wait until it comes out on DVD and watch it at home.
The cabin is coming along beautifully, even better that you can sleep inside.