Jul 10, 2019

The People's Choice and FFG

Since they both have to do with finishing I decided to combine my posts. First up The People's Choice which happens on the first Saturday of the month. Stop over to Jo's blog to see what others have shared that they feel fit the theme for the topic this month.

I've took several pieces over the years to my LNS to get professional framed. It's worth the money especially because she has fantastic prices. This year I just finally got the right tools to do some better finishing on my own for things other than framing. I've always loved pillow type finishes. They are easy to display and sit on shelves instead of taking of wall space. So I thought I would share with you my choices for my finishing that I have now.

First up I finally have an iron I can understand. I was always afraid to iron my pieces. I didn't want to ruin them. Here is the iron I use now...
It has this neat cord that retracts into the storage area on the iron...
This one is from Hamilton Beach Item # 14212 and I got it from Walmart for a little over $15. It can hold water but I just use a spray bottle so I can really control the amount of water I spray on the material. I don't like all the bells and whistles some have and this iron is really easy for my to figure out. It also gets warm very fast which is nice for when I'm ready to use it.

If you follow my blog you know I got into a big fight with my old sewing machine. It was a pain to get the thread loaded into the machine and if you can't figure out that part then sewing a straight line is impossible to do. Here is the one I use now...
This is a Brother Item # SM1400. I got it from Hobby Lobby and it was $99. Best thing is it was labeled Easy Threading. I'll tell you what....it is! The bottom bobbin drops into a little opening. The top thread goes into easy to follow numbered spots. I don't fear this one and I actually enjoy using it. I've finally been able to make the pillow finishes I've always wanted to.

Next up is the FFG which we post on the 10th of the month. Thanks to Rachel and her FFG (Fully Finished Gallery) SAL I've been actually finishing things finally! I tended to just throw my finished pieces into a drawer to hide. Stop over to her post to see what others have finished for this month's check in. Unfortunately I've been so busy I haven't been able to pull out my iron and sewing machine. So no older pieces have been finished. But I still have two new finishes to share.

I finished up a Mill Hill kit...
This one is called Beach Ball. I cut it out backed it with light cardboard to help stiffen the perforated paper. Right now it's a magnet but we might find something to glue it too. I love doing that with Mill Hills. Plus I have a few other beach themed ones that could go with it too. Just need to do the stitching.....yes mom I know Hurry Hurry haha.

I also just finished up Mom's Nautical pillow after my Monday update post...
 (22) July 8th
July from Sand, Sea and Cross Stitch Book
Stitched on 14ct White Aida Fabric
Threads are Suggested DMC
Started Jul 1st. Took 3 Days.
7 Hours and 50 Minutes Start to Finished.

The type of finish for this one is one of my favorite ways to finish pieces. No sewing haha. Let's see if I can explain it so that it makes sense. I go two spaces beyond the border and put in a backstitch line all the way around the piece. I do another piece for the back with the border stitched and add the year I finished the piece. I do the same thing with a backstitch border two spaces beyond the border so that the two pieces have the exact same backstitching outline around them. I fold the pieces at the backstitch lines and then whip stitch them together with the same color I do the backstitch line. I figured this type of finishing out after my first biscornu. I thought why not try it with a square ornament and it worked fantastic. When you get to the last side you can put stuffing in and close it up. Most the time I can't tell at all where I finished the line to put it together. A lot easier than pulling out the sewing machine and everything else. Really doesn't take long either. This July pillow took me 47 minutes to whip stitch together. 

So only 2 finishes this month. I'm currently working on my July Lizzie Kate Stamp but that will have to be included in the next FFG post. Let's see how many I have finished this year...

 February -- 5
March -- 6
April -- 5
May --  2
June -- 4
July -- 2
So a Total of 24 now!
I'm very happy with that! Hopefully I'll find time soon to get my sewing machine back out and finish more older pieces that are hiding away. This SAL is just the push I need. Now if only there was a Here's Some Extra Time SAL haha. Don't we all need that.
See ya next month on the first Saturday for the People's Choice theme of Monochrome. Plus on the 10th for hopefully more finishes to share.


Cathy said...

I love your beach ball! Thank you also for explaining how you finish your monthly designs. I'll have to try it for August's SAL. To clarify though, do you use a true backstitch or a running stitch?

Carol said...

Glad your latest sewing machine is a bit easier to play with, Katie! I am still trudging along with my 42 year old machine that my mom got me when I graduated from college!!

Very cute July finish--I have done a few pieces that way, too, and always like the effect :) Have a great evening!

Julie said...

A great way to finish the monthly designs, I too use that method a lot.
A lot of ladies at our craft group have a Brother machine, is looks very similar to yours.

DJ said...

Hi! Don't faint...haha I know it's been a while since I visited your blog (or anyone else's for that matter!) Thanks for the tips on the machine and iron. I'm tempted to run out and get both! I did just pick up an iron that my mother had that she used for quilting though, I might give that a quick go first. Your stitching is always so cute and precise! I love the beach ball, I might have to go looking for that one! I never thought of making the paper more durable by putting cardboard on the back, great idea!

Faith... said...

I have an iron just like that; best iron I ever had! Love that sun on the July piece and two is better than nothing!! Can I ask about the whipstitch? Do you put it right on the back stitch line?

Enjoy your sewing machine!!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Thanks for taking part in The People's Choice this month.
I love the whipstitch method for finishing ornies too. I don't have a sewing machine and it seems like a lot of faff to get one just for a few small ornies!

Rachel said...

Had to laugh at your idea for participating in Jo's SAL, but it's so obvious! I certainly couldn't live without my iron for ironing out the creases but as I finish everything by hand I have no need for the sewing machine!
Thank you for participating in the FFG SAL too. No worries that your sewing machine did not come out to play to FFO some older pieces; we all know your summer months are crammed full of friends! :)

Meari said...

Congrats on getting some new 'toys' :)
Cute finishes!

Astrids dragon said...

I'm so glad you love your sewing machine, sometimes simple is best.
Perfect summer finishes, I love that crab on the ball. I've only done a few pillows and your way does seem to be the easiest.
Wow, 24 full finishes, good for you!