Dec 10, 2019

December FFG

Today is the 10th of the month which means it's time for a Fully Finished Gallery check in. Rachel setup this perfect blog SAL starting in February 2019. I like so many others have a box of shame. A place where my stitching goes to hide after I finish it. Rachel said let's get those out of hiding and get them where they belong. On display for the world to see. So that's exactly what I've been doing. I made piles and piles of things I needed to finish. I still have a lot lot to do. But because of this SAL I've got a lot done!

First things first stop over to Rachel's check in post. Hopefully you have something to share with everyone.

Now let's see what I've finished since the last check in...
Tree Shopping a Mill Hill Kit. I finished on November 21st. I cut it out and made a magnet out of it.

I finished up Cabin Fever Mill Hill Kit but needed to buy a frame for the piece in the adorable mat board I found at a store in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. I was able to find a frame I loved and got it put into the frame tonight so I could show you all the picture of how it turned out...
I love the way it looks and can't wait to display it proudly at the cabin this coming season.

December 6th I put the finishing touches on Mom's last Nautical design...
The whole set fits perfect in this basket that my Grandma Faust (my mom's mom) made so many years ago. Well 11 months fits perfect. Which means the month currently on the calendar can be displayed right in front of the basket...
I just can't say enough how much I love how this turned out. This set was perfect for her and just looks fantastic on her shelf in her living room. Now for many years to come she will have this set to display each month.

With the Christmas rush in full effect I haven't had any extra time for old finishes. Boy I really hoped I would have time. I really really hope January will be the month I can finally dig it all out again. Which will be a lot easier since I organized my storage area too!

So a quick look back on my finishes I posted for this SAL now...

February -- 5
March -- 6
April -- 5
May --  2
June -- 4
July -- 2 
August -- 6
September -- 2 
October -- 3 
November -- 3 
December -- 3
Total of  41 Now!!!!

I'm very very happy with that. 41 pieces not hiding away in my box of shame. I sure hope to keep adding to that next year. Thanks again Rachel for the push I sure needed.


White Rose said...

Hi Kate beautiful work,well done xx

Cathy said...

Lovely finish finishes this month! 41 finish finishes for the year is amazing considering it's only been 11 months.

Faith... said...

You had a super successful year of finishing! Everything looks so good and glad you are able to display all your pieces.

Rachel said...

41 finishes is an amazing achievement, and you've finished some lovely pieces. I'm guessing you possibly would have FFOd your two year-long sets anyway, so another 17 on top of those is great! Cabin Fever is perfect, by the way.
I'm definitely continuing next year not only for my sake (my Box Of Shame has actually increased in number this year) but for stitchers like you who need that little kick. Maybe that's why I usually play the shoe in Monopoly?! :)

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

You really have done well with this challenge this year! Some fabulous finishes. I love the mount for the Cabin design, just perfect.

Bethan said...

Cabin fever looks so great in that frame! Great work this year x