Feb 17, 2008

Papillion MSAL Part 2

Yesterday was a fun day. I've been down with a cold all week. I think I coughed up a few ribs. Yesterday my local stitching group Hoosier Stitchers was having a Stitch In. So I just had to go. I rode down to about 2 hour south. There is this very nice library that has a wonderful room we gather in. In Noblesville, Indiana. Anyway Fred drove me down to meet my friends and we rode down together. 4 of us ladies. Solving all the worlds problems of course. We spent the day stitching and laughing. What better day than that. I finished a bit of Part 2 of the Papillion MSAL so today I finished it off the rest of the way. I really love the way it's turning out. Everyone Awwed and Ohhed over it yesterday too. I love stitching!!

Today is a rainy yucky day. But it's a wonderful day to spend with my family. I got home last night and literally cried. I love my family so much. Spending the day with so many ladies who very unfortunately have lost their parents or have problems make me so very much appreciate what I have. I gave my mom a huge hug and looked around my amazing home. I love everything!! I gave Jeremiah a huge hug. I just love life!! I'm off to watch my family be amazing and stitch the rainy wonderful day away. Love you all!

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