Mar 23, 2009

Monday Update

Hiya Everyone. I had a fantastic weekend. We went down to my friend's house. It's always a fun visit. Fred, Jeremiah and I all go down. Jeremiah runs away and plays the entire day with her son. Fred did man things with her hubby. I did fun girlie things with the mom. It's just a great day. First we ran to Walmart. Twilight movie was released. I own the first three books but I knew I wanted the movie. She bought a copy and I bought one. We also ran to our LNS. I bought some fabric for this beautiful double dragon pattern a friend gave me. Back home to stitch the day away. Of course I only got like 20 stitches in cause we were talking and solving all the world's problems. We watched Twilight and OMG it was a FANTASTIC movie. She has just finished reading all the books and I said I would have to as well to see how it ends haha. We got home at like 11pm. Too much fun.

This week will be busy. We are hosting an early Easter lunch here this coming Sunday. So we are going to speed up our deep Spring Cleaning for everyone to see haha. Jeremiah is on Spring break so we can get it all done. Next week I have a stitchers retreat to go to and I'm really excited already.

I thought I would update my HAED Pirate Dragon too. Here's the info... I have 14,550 stitches into it. Only 33,365 left haha. That makes it 30% complete I think now. I can't believe it. I'm excited. I told hubby even though it's probably a year away I can't believe I might actually finish this one. Anyway here is the picture...


  1. sounds like a wonderful weekend Katie!!!! Glad you & your friend had so much fun!!!!
    Your HAED is looking fantastic!! It is really coming along nicely!!!! Keep it up!! We want to see it done!!!

  2. Sounds like you had a blast!!!! How is the reading coming? Only 10 days til retreat, I think!!!

  3. Sounds like you had a great weekend. Your HAED is looking wonderful!!!

  4. Sounds like a great day! Always nice to get with stitching friends. Have fun spring cleaning. Your HAED is looking good. See you at the retreat!

  5. Sounds like a fantastic time you all had this weekend!! My daughter is a Twilight fanatic! She has read all the books at least once and I think the first one about 4 times! She went and seen it at the theater about 3 times with different friends. I am hoping that this payday I will be able to surprise her with the movie!

    By the way, your HAED is looking just amazing!!

  6. Katie you are having way too much fun lolol. Your HAED is looking great it looks more like a painting. Congrats hope your Easter weekend is great fun too


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