Jan 16, 2012

Weekend Full of Stitching

Over the weekend I started the next biscornu for the Christmas Tree. I finished the top panel Saturday. The spaces were a little small for beads but I worked them in a few places at least.

Rather than do another panel right after I picked up the Christmas on the Beach piece. The last picture of it is here. I haven't worked on it yet this year. I have to laugh the last entry I was hoping to finish it....Nope. I swear this pattern is going to kill me. I don't know why it rubs me the wrong way but I swear it's going to take me FOREVER to finish it. I have made a lot of progress at least. Sometimes I feel like it's flying and then I just hit a brick wall. I told myself I have to work on it till Friday.

This weekend is a IHSW. You can follow that link to find out more information. Basically you stitch on the 3rd weekend of the month and then post about it. I think I'm going to start a new snowman kit I have Friday. It will be a treat for working on the chairs all week. Saturday we are heading up north to have fun with friends so my stitching time will be cut a little short. It will be worth it though.

Today I got some chores done. I really needed to sweep you could tell by all the wild dust bunnies running around the house. With 2 dogs and a cat I swept up enough hair to make a farm full of animals. The worst part as soon as you shut off the sweeper the dogs take off running and I already need to sweep again haha. Oh well. Such is life.


  1. Stitching looks good, Katie. Have fun this weekend!

  2. Is it Saturday yet? Can't wait to see you guys!


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