Oct 14, 2012

We have arrived!

We arrived at our destination! Another nice travel day. We had about 4 hours left for the trip today. It went quickly. The ocean finally was in our sights. We are staying at a hotel called Spring Maid Resort. This is where the PALs retreat will take place Wednesday through Saturday. Our room is HUGE. I told them I wanted to have the best view of the ocean and it's perfect. We didn't see any dolphins today but we were pretty tired from all the traveling.

Yesterday evening Jeremiah said his throat was getting a little tight. While we were sleeping I reached over to cover him up and about burnt my hand. He had to have a fever of 104. Poor guy! So today we stopped and got him some medicine. I hope he can kick is quick. No fun being on vacation sick.

We ate dinner at my favorite restaurant. Giant Crab! We've been looking forward to eating here since last year haha.



  1. Have a wonderful time! I hope Jeremiah gets better soon!

  2. YUMM!!!!!!!!!!!! I love crab. :D

    Oh dear... hope Jeremiah is feeling better.


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