May 7, 2014

Day 21

We went to check on some boat tours today. Just happened to get there 5 mins before a time it went out so decided to go on that one. There was a little bit of time with a naturalist right before in a touch tank area. That was really neat. Here is the boat...
While we were out we saw a loggerhead sea turtle, several manatees, and a few dolphins. Of course they were all too quick for me to get pictures of. Still so neat to see. After we got back we drove through the refuge so Jeremiah could see a part that he couldn't see from the tram tour. Then we went to eat at Island Cow again. Their food is so good. After that we stopped at a little grocery. It's so funny to see the different food available down here like swordfish. I don't see that at our stores haha. Since all my muscles hurt from the shelling Mom walked down to the sand here at the hotel but I went on strike. We are going shelling again tomorrow though. Tonight I got the 4 hotels for on the way home booked. We hit the road Saturday to start the trip home. I have to admit I'm excited about getting home. I really miss my little dog. Oh I thought I would show you Jeremiah's funny sunburn spots...
Kind of hard to see but it's just two spots. Not too bad for his 2nd sun burn ever. Sometimes no matter how hard you try to cover him you miss spots.

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  1. Wow! You must have some good sunblock to get sunburn in spots and nothing else! I am way behind on your trip, so expect some random comments over the next few days! xx


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