Jun 16, 2008


I seen another model I did got published. It's the picture on this entry. This is called Flowers in the Crannied Wall. It's from Rosewood Manor. It's so much fun to see these designs finished. Last time I seen it the piece was just a wrinkled mess.

I also have a HUGE happy dance. I finished another model. This one was for a company called Designworks. I was supposed to be done end of May but with everything lately it got finished June 11th. I was so happy to finish it. With the puppy and our yard/garden I just didn't have the stitching time. So I will be looking forward to seeing it published too. I still have another one in my WIP from Rosewood Manor to work on so I'm happy about that.

I'm working on packing now. We are leaving for Arkansas real early Wednesday morning. One of my fav yahoo groups is having their retreat. I've never been to Arkansas so I'm excited. Mom and Jeremiah are coming along with me. So we are going to have a blast of course. I'm looking forward to stitching with my friends. I also get to do some stash shopping so that's always fun.

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  1. very pretty Katie!!! You do such amazing work for Karen! Have a great time at retreat!!!


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