Jun 21, 2008

Writing from Arkansas

Hello from Arkansas. We headed out Wednesday morning around 5am. Made it all the way to Rolla, Missouri for the night Wed. Hit the road early on Thursday and made it here to Bentonville, Arkansas by about 3pm Thursday. It was a beautiful trip. We really enjoyed it a lot. Jeremiah was fantastic. Just played and kept himself busy. There is 3 of us (5 including my family) from Indiana, one from Conneticut, one from Vegas, and one here local.

Thursday night we had a class about changing the way you use hand dyed threads. It was interesting. Friday we ran to a few cross stitch stores and did some shopping. It was a great time. I spent Friday evening with Mom and Jeremiah. We ate dinner and came back to the hotel to swim. Jeremiah of course really enjoyed that. Then I stayed up until late with the girls stitching.

Woke up a little early this morning for some more sight seeing. The girls went to Tulsa, OK to see the Silver Needle. I decided to stay here with the family. We went to this drive through safari. It was very neat. Jeremiah of course enjoyed that a lot. We also found a few wonderful Antique Malls and bought a ton of goodies. Mom found a bunch of neat stuff at the first one. I even got some cool things. Now we are back at the hotel waiting for the girls to make it back. We are all going out to eat dinner and having a finishing class tonite. I'm looking forward to it. Tomorrow we are hitting the road to start the trip home. It's been a blast overall.

Geocaching News: We were able to add 3 states to our map during this trip. We got one in Illinois and Missouri on the way. Grabbed one today by our hotel in Arkansas. So that is very exciting.

I miss my puppy!! Okay Okay My hubby too a little haha.

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  1. sounds like you had a great time Katie & combined your love of your family along with your love of stitching & friends!


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