Jul 9, 2008

Pirate's Creed Finish

Wohoo a stitching finish. I bought the things to stitch this while on my stitching retreat. I just love this saying. Finished it last night. I told Jeremiah I would finish it and put it in his school room. He just laughed.

Just realized it's been forever since I updated. I made it home from Arkansas LOL. It was a lovely trip. Jeremiah, Mom and Me really had a lovely time having our own little mini vacation.

Life has just been busy. Our garden is beautiful. We have harvested a TON of cherries off our cherry trees. We even made several cherry pies. I can't believe how good they taste. Pretty soon we should start having a ton of tomatoes. We are looking forward to that. I had some friends come over and go swimming. It was a blast. I've been doing lots and stitching not very much. Life is just flying by. Yesterday we had some really bad weather. Jeremiah and I was coming home from his physical therapy. We got scared pretty bad. I guess they spotted some circulation over the area where we were. The tornado sirens were going off and it was really weird out. The rain was coming sideways. Came home to no power of course. We didn't have any damage. Trees down behind us and beside us but we were just fine. Well just wanted to share my finish with ya'll.


  1. woohoo, congrats Katie!!!!! I can see you putting this in Jeremiah's school room! Too cute!!!
    Oh, I am coming to your house!!!! I have been wanting to find somewhere to pick cherries!!! ha, just kidding--I won't show up unannounced!!! The garden sounds great too! Mine looks wonderful this year!!!

  2. Katie, yeah!!! Congrats on your finish. I can't wait to see how you do the finishing.
    Debra in Indiana


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