Oct 6, 2010

On the Road at Autumn Camping

This time of year I swear I have no idea which way is up or down any more. I'm so busy but I really love it.

We had a family camping weekend last weekend. The Mississinewa Reservoir has a weekend called Autumn Camping weekend. Actually it got so busy they now have two. My dad's side always gets several spots and we all camp together. I think this year we had 9 spots. Jeremiah gets to trick or treat and just LOVES going every year.

This is my dad's tent setup. We just shared a tent this weekend. Good thing he had this canopy up cause it rained quite a bit on Saturday morning. Jeremiah sets up a play area we called it the Boy Cave in an enclosed snow mobile trailer. So he stayed warm and dry the whole weekend.

Jeremiah decided to dress up like John Cena this year. He is his favorite WWE wrestler. He got recognized by several people and loved it of course haha.

Evidently he had fun as soon as we got in the truck to come home this is what he did. LOL He was passed out. Even though it was cold and rainy we all had a blast. Now Friday we are leaving for yet another get away. The Covered Bridge festival is going on. So off we go to that. See busy busy busy.


  1. Oh Katie, how I wish I could go to all of the outings that you go to. Jeremiah is so blessed to be able to make all of these wonderful childhood memories....keep up the great work girl!!

  2. Our roving reporter is at it again!!!! Great trip and thanks for the update. Jeremiah is one tired little guy! So cute!

  3. What in the world did you do at that intersection?!?! lol That's about the funniest signage I've ever seen, though I also have one in my camera waiting for the right place to share it.


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