Sep 29, 2010

On the Road at Dunes

Finally stealing time to post my On the Road post. This past weekend we had a geocaching camping trip. We went to Dune's State park in northern Indiana. If you have the chance you should definitely go there. It's a gorgeous park. Fred took a half day on Friday and we headed up. It's a little over 2 hours away for us. We got there and got all setup. Camping is always fun but camping with a bunch of friends makes it that much better of course. Friday night there was a get together at a fire pit by the nature center. It was pitch black but we somehow managed to visit each other. Kinda funny to judge who is there by voices and not faces haha.

Saturday was a day long event. Started with a page of coordinates for a photo challenge. You were given the place and a hint. When you got to the place you had to take a photo that you thought was for that hint. It's so much fun to do. The places it brought us are fantastic. One place was a too cute bbq place. The hint was Oink Oink. Of course we all took pictures with some decorative pigs around the outside. Then we ate lunch. What I love best about this hobby is the places it brings you. Without this challenge we would have never went to this place to eat. After the 10 stops we headed back to turn in our pictures. They made a slide show of everyone's pictures. It's so much fun to watch what people do for their pictures. We had done this type of challenge once before and I have to say it's my absolute favorite by far. We had dinner together a pitch in type of thing. The food was delicious and we were miserable afterward haha. We all hung out at a fire till way too late.

Sunday we had something called a CITO. It stands for Cache in Trash out. The idea is to help out a local area. One of the park managers helped us come up with 2 ways to help out the park. First we cleaned up this area where they catch and tag owls. It was so interesting to learn about how they tag them and also felt great to pay back. After we made quick work of that job we helped fix and rebuild a fence that had been broken into. Hopefully it will keep people out for awhile at least.

Overall it was a great weekend. I have some pictures to share.

First picture is of our tent. You can tell by our friends tent beside it just how big our tent is. I love it!

We always take photos like this. Our friends call it the Fred/Katie pose. Fred's long arms make it possible. Then we can take our photo without having someone hold the camera. It's funny some of the photos though. He always make me look extra short which I am compared to him haha. Anyway this one we are sitting on a bench so it looks better.

This one is two friends of ours. We had to get a picture with this propeller. Gotta love my hubby.

Again with my dork of a husband. He about gave me a heart attack walking out there. But at least I captured this hilarious photo along with a few others.

Since we didn't take our puppy I spent a lot of time loving on a friend's puppy. I love this dog and have tried to dognap her every time I see her. Her name is Dakota and her personality is adorable.

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  1. it looks & sounds like you had a wonderful time Katie...oh how I miss camping!!


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