Sep 20, 2010

On the Road with Katie

Yet another busy weekend. Let's see.... Friday we headed off to Middlebury, Indiana for a little festival they have. Mom has fellow Shipshewana vendors that setup. I bought some treats for my dogs, a little box trunk decoration, and a bag for a dear friend. Jeremiah had a nice time. Here is some pics of him.

He was so afraid the cannon would go off. I explained it was thoroughly cleaned and emptied before being set out for display haha. The bottom picture is a neat creation. We joked about finally bees we didn't need to worry about. The top two bees were rotating like helicopter blades. The paper was an explanation on bee hives and the history behind them. Very interesting. We left here and stopped at a store in Shipshewana. Mom wanted some noodles. Jeremiah and I got candy of course haha.

Saturday we hit the road pretty early. Fred had a local radio club thing. They ran the communications for a walk-a-thon. Mom, Betty, Jeremiah and I went on our own way haha. We made a quick stop at a garage sale down the road. Spent $30 and got a ton of stuff for mom. Then we went to Grandma Faust's. It's always nice to visit her. On the way home we made a side trip. I had heard there was a Traveling Vietnam Wall in a nearby town. Jeremiah and I had just talked about it in school a few weeks ago. I thought how perfect to be able to see a version of what we learned about. It was very moving and I was so glad we had the experience. It was an honor to see in person. When we got home Fred had been home and was already working on closing our pool for the year.

Sunday we had a few things to do out in the garage. We have to get it ready for mom's left over stuff since we will be closing her booth in the next few weeks for the winter. We made quick work of it and all headed out for lunch. We had the craving for a blooming onion. Texas Roadhouse was just what we needed. After that we were all miserable haha. We came home to watch TV and rest. WWE had a wrestling pay per view last night. So we hunkered down together and yelled at the TV haha. I love watching that together.

I did get a bit of stitching in. I'll have an update on that tomorrow hopefully.


  1. Great pictures Katie. You'd never think Jeremiah was afraid in the tank picture - he looks really happy!

  2. Great photos Katie! Jeremiah looks like he is thoroughly enjoying the 'road trip'! LOL

    Thanks for updating us and glad you had a good time.

  3. Wow Jeremiah has really grown up! Looking forward to the stitching updates.


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