Sep 13, 2010

Fall Picnic

The Indiana Fall Picnic was this past weekend. It was at Boondocks Farms in Knightstown, IN. Fred took a half day on Friday so he was off work at noon instead of 5pm. That made a huge difference. We got to the park at 3pm and started the process of setting up. It didn't take long and the relaxing could start. We ran into town to find something to eat. We were going to settle with Subway but seen a cute little diner type of place. It was called RJ's. It was a lounge and family dining. Fred, Jeremiah and me had the place to ourselves besides a few in the bar. The food was delicious. Unfortunately at this park we couldn't have fires at our campsite so we set around a circle in the dark. They had a night geocache so several went to that. I hate the dark so I stayed at the tent and watched Jeremiah and a few friends. Also got to chat with a friend we joked about baby sitting each other. When Fred got back he laughed and said Why ya guys in the dark. He setup a lantern on our table. So we all set around the lantern and laughed.

Saturday morning we woke up to dark skies and rain heading our way. The best part of our group of friends is one guy has his vehicle setup for it has wireless internet we can tap into. So we sat in the tent during the rain and playing on the internet. Here are two pictures of us in our HUGE tent during the rain storm.

I think you can tell by our tent how large it is. We love it. The rain didn't stop our fun at all. It rained about an hour and then we headed up to the pavilion for the day's events. We setup a little tent for Jeremiah to put toys in. Here is a picture of him with some friends. One time we glanced over to see 6 kids in his tent. He was having so much fun.

Beside the tent you can see his 4-Wheeler. He basically uses this as an electric wheelchair. The kids were all playing tag in the field behind his tent and he was able to run right along with them. It made my heart feel good to see him able to play like the other kids. It rained one more time while we were all eating lunch. But it ended quickly and the sun came back out.

Last week my step mom's mom passed away. She was in a lot of pain and she had cancer all over her body. So it was a blessing cause we all know she isn't in pain any longer. The funeral was Sunday so we hurriedly packed the truck. We got it all in there but it was a close fit since we were hurrying and of course did it all wrong. We rushed to my dad's house for showers and a change of clothes. We got there with 10 mins to spare. The funeral was very nice. We also went to a dinner hosted by her church. After that we made our way home. I think it was 7pm when we finally got home. Other than the sad ending it was an amazing weekend.


  1. Sounds like you had a good time camping, despite the rain.

    My condolences on your loss, but like you said at least she's not in pain any longer.

  2. Looks like you all had fun!

    So sorry to hear about your step mom.

  3. Katie, it looks like you all had a great weekend & made the most of it, despite the rain that tried to interfere.
    I am sorry to hear about your step mom. You are right, she is no longer in pain.


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