Jun 22, 2012

Lighthouse Sight Seeing

Today we went out on a Shepler's Lighthouse Cruise. It left at 1:30pm. We did some shopping until it was time for the trip. We took the Eastbound Cruise which took us to see at least 5 lighthouses. The top lighthouse is 14 Foot Shoal Light. The bottom picture is Poe Reef Lighthouse. I have more pictures but these are just two I could load quickly. The trip was very enjoyable and we got right up beside the lighthouses. A member of the Great Lakes Lighthouse Keepers Association (GLLKA) was there. His name was Terry. Mom has heard about him in her lighthouse magazines and it was a honor to hear him talk and tell stories about the area and the history of the lighthouses. The only bad part is I got a sunburn haha.

We grabbed dinner at Nonna Lisa's which was our 2nd time but it was just so good we had to go back. Of course on the walk back to the hotel we passed our ice cream place which has the world's best ice cream and cheap cheap too. After yesterday we knew we just had to have it again.

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