Jun 23, 2012

Last Day Scramble

Today is the last day here. So it was the scrabble to make sure we did everything we wanted to do. When we was on our way back to the hotel yesterday we saw a Farmer's Market/Craft Show setting up. They opened today so we ate breakfast and headed over there. We were really impressed with the crafts they were selling. I got a beaded scissor fob and this really neat trinket that I couldn't live without. Jeremiah got a set of books that a local author was there selling. He was a teacher and wrote books about a Wolfman legend they have up here in Michigan. They look really interesting to read and we had a very nice conversation with the author.

We went back across the Mackinac bridge to do some sight seeing. The views are just so beautiful up here. Then we came back over here and did some more shopping. We got some shirts and some fudge to take home or we wouldn't be allowed home haha.

We also went to the Fort Michilimackinac. It was a very nice walk and we learned a lot about the French and Indians relationship a long long time ago in this area.

After all the running around we just crashed in the room and had pizza delivered. It's nice to just relax. Tomorrow morning we will hit the road home. I gotta admit I'm ready to be home. I miss my dogs and my hubby.

One more thing to do tonight.....Have one more round of ice cream haha.


  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful vacation! Thanks for sharing pics every day. What a great idea to go on so many tours!

  2. Katie girl; sounds like you and Jeremiah had a blast! I assume Mom went too? Wish we had more craft fairs around here...lol


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