Oct 14, 2013

Hey look I still stitch

Look I still know how to stitch haha. I was going to post about everything that's been going on but I just don't even wanna see everything that's been going crazy wrote out. Let's give it one badly wrote line...

Jeremiah had a major dental treatment which lead to a major sore outbreak in his mouth. Took him to the doctor today to just make sure what's going on. Yep nothing we can do. It's so hard to watch your child be in a pain. Izzy my dog who is like my baby girl needs leg surgery. We can't put it off anymore it's really hurting her. So on the 30th she goes to get surgery. $600. The brake line went out in my van so have to fix that when we get home too.

See can't even explain it quickly. That's just the few things that are really bothering me. But...

Tomorrow my hubby is going with me to Myrtle Beach South Carolina for the PALs Retreat. He's never been there so he is really excited. Now if I can just get excited too.


  1. Great progress Katie. That was a fun one to stitch.


  2. Wow, lots going on. Have a safe trip to MB. See ya there!

    Love the colors in your stitching.


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