Oct 3, 2013


Yep we made it home. I vowed to not do anything other than sit on my bum and watch TV shows off my DVR haha. I did just that. Today I finally decided that stack of things that needed done should maybe get done haha. I also figured I better update for anyone who was wondering if we did actually make it home.

Made it home just in time to leave again haha. I'm leaving the 15th to go to Myrtle Beach, SC. I've been there to the PALs Retreat twice and I've really enjoyed it. Both times my mom and son have took me. This time my sweet hubby is going to take me. I'm really looking forward to it. We will be gone a week. Leaving Tuesday getting back on a Tuesday. It's only fair hubby gets to go this time since he missed our California Trip.

I still haven't picked up my needle and thread yet. Just been staring at the TV. This weekend we have some yard work that needs done but when we work hard it gets done fast. For those who read all my entries about our vacation I hope you enjoyed reading along. I keep thinking about the things we did and the things we saw and just am amazed. What a wonderful time. Jeremiah is one lucky little dude. So thankful for each memory added to our crazy piles of memories we've already made.

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  1. Welcome home, Katie! I'll be at PALS this year. See you there!!


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