Sep 29, 2013

Day # 35

Almost missed posting. We got to our hotel and had a delicious meal delivered from a local pizza/pasta place. Then I started playing games and what not. I was shutting off my laptop and thought Oh No I forgot to blog. I did so good too so I pulled it back out and here I am. See that map. So close to home. Tomorrow we will be there. Today was a nice drive. We had some fog but it stayed all around the road and didn't cause too many problems. We didn't even have any problems making it through St. Louis. Tomorrow we will do the final trek. Fred (hubby) is so happy. I can't wait to see my puppy Izzy. I know she will just be so excited. Well I'm off to bed.

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  1. Sounds like you have had an amazing holiday. I bet your husband will be thrilled to bits to see you.


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