Sep 28, 2013

Day # 34

Today was a short day but not because we wanted it to be. Columbia, MO evidently has a really large college. I was calling to get a room and nope it was booked. Called another city....booked. Called another city....booked. So I finally asked. Yep huge college. They were having family weekend where the family comes to see the college. There is also a big game. So we could either go a small way or way too far.

I found a Holiday Inn in Independence. Then we will have a stop in Vandalia, IL. Monday we should be home.

Last night we got some storms. Glad they hit at night and not when we were driving. Today we drove through some rain but nothing major. It's Day 34 and this is the 2nd day we've had any rain so that's not bad at all. We were kind of worried about the hotel for tonight being so close to Kansas City. But we found it no problem and it's in a good area. The room is really nice. The hotel also has a salt water pool. First things first we wanted to eat. There is a restaurant in the parking lot called Rib Crib. So we walked over hoping it was going to be good. It was DELICIOUS. Mom drooled all over her food so it must have been good haha. When we got back I went to check the pool. The temp has to be pretty warm for Jeremiah to be comfortable. I was shocked by how warm the pool was. So we got our suits on and went swimming. It was neat. I don't think I've swam in a salt water pool before. Jeremiah enjoyed it. It was a shallow pool and we tried to see if Jeremiah could touch. Yep he could. So I told him try to balance and see if you can stand up. Yep. So he spent the rest of the time walking around the pool. He said he never wanted to leave the pool. It was so neat to see. I wish Fred was here to see it. He even dunked himself which he's never been able to do. I can't believe how much he's growing up!

Now we are relaxing. We found a lot to do in Kansas City. Including a neat Aquarium and get this....a lego store. But we are all really looking forward to getting home. So we're going to hit the road tomorrow after all. Who knows maybe we'll come back sometime.

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