Jan 29, 2009

6th Finish of 2009

Another online freebie. I had some fabric on hand called Tabby/Heartsong Cranberry. It's 18ct. It's so soft. This is just white DMC and some beads 60479. It was a quick stitch and makes my 6th finish for 2009. I didn't like it at first and now I just love it haha. My hubby told me hang in there. I did and I'm really glad. I just don't like stitching with white haha.

We received 5 or 6 inches of snow Tuesday night. I guess the worst of it went South of us though. I seen all over the net about people not having power cause the ice. Our yard is just beautiful again. I can handle that. Every school in our area was canceled yesterday so I let Jeremiah have the day off. Just not fair to be the only kid in Indiana in school haha. We enjoyed the break day. Today it was back to the grindstone though haha.


  1. very pretty Katie!!!!! Glad you stuck to it! Very pretty!!

  2. Katie this is lovely and looks like a snowflake. I am not keen on stitching with white either so I understand, what will you make it into?


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