Dec 14, 2012


Well this weekend is the last IHSW of the year. But it's also the busiest time of the year. Today I spent the entire day wrapping presents. Tomorrow I'm heading north to have a great time with my friends. I found this cute picture to share...
I can't wait to help with the memory loss a little bit. We always have so much fun together. But we never drink and drive. Quick soap box there. So I won't be joining in IHSW until Sunday afternoon when we get home. I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend. I know I will be hurting from all the laughing I'll be doing.


  1. Hurting from laughing is the best kind of hurt! Have a great weekend!

  2. Love the pic! Lol Can't wait to see your stitching update. :) I really hope they continue the IHSW next year. It really motivates me to stitch that weekend.


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