Dec 31, 2012

Happy New Year

Well today is the last day of 2012. Other than vehicle problems I think 2012 has been a pretty good year. Our poor vehicles both are 1998s so they are definitely showing their age. But hopefully we can squeeze another year out of them at least.

We camped a lot more. We traveled. We enjoyed life. We put money into a pull behind trailer to carry all our camping goodies. The kayak/canoe trip was one to remember. Oh and the off roading trip in Michigan. What a blast! We grew even closer to our close friends which I didn't know was possible.

Jeremiah did great in school. He is growing into a young man which makes me cringe. I can't believe he will be turning 15 in April this next year. My little baby is growing up. Wow. Where has time gone? He impresses me every day with how smart he is and how great of a human being he has become. Fred and me are still happily married. I love him more every day than the day before. Our home is still filled with love and I really enjoy sharing my life with my mother. Unfortunately her health is not well and I'm thankful I can be around to help out when needed.

Stitching still eases my stress and makes me smile. I love creating art with needle and thread. I look forward to seeing what designs will be coming out and what designs will find their way to my needles.

If you read these goofy words of mine please know I appreciate you. The online friendships I have made over the years are beyond words. I enjoy writing this blog even if no one reads it. But the comments I get make my heart smile brighter. I've really enjoyed following some new blog friends this past year and always check my Google reader each morning to see what's new in your online worlds.

So I wonder what will 2013 bring????


  1. Happy New Year to you Katie!!!

    Oh my...15!!! Jeremiah is getting older! Don't you just wish you could stop time...I know I do.

    Wishing you, Fred, Jeremiah and all of your family the very best in 2013!!

    Here's to stitching and stashing!

  2. Happy New Years Katie!

    I hope 2013 is full of blessings for you and your family.


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