Nov 11, 2014

Finish to Report and Retreat

I put the computer down and finally stitched haha. In just a little bit I had a finish. This is from Ursula Michael put out by Imaginating called Let's Cross Stitch. I changed a few colors to changed the numbers in the stitching. Loved working on it!! I'm thinking of making it into a fun little pillow type finish.

So my local retreat started Thursday. We arrived at 3pm. It's at a church camp type lodge in South Bend Indiana this time. The downstairs has a HUGE kitchen and the upstairs has the dorm room type setup. There were 14 of us. We split up the meals and each are in charge of one meal. I was in charge of Saturday lunch. We had delicious meals. Things like soup, casserole, lunch meat sandwiches, and yummy desserts of course. We also had a huge snack table with the important things like chocolate. Friday my friend and I ran to House of Stitches which is my favorite stitching store in Laporte Indiana. It was only 20 mins away. I got a few things and I needed a few threads. Thursday I had started the sled piece and of course didn't have the threads I needed for it. After that trip out we did nothing else. I literally woke up took a shower and put my lazy pants back on and sat and stitched the entire time. One night we stayed up till like 2am. I just love laughing and sharing with my stitching friends. Saturday I finished the sled and picked up the butterfly to work on. I got a lot done and picked on my hubby for picking me up before I could finish it haha. Saturday evening we did a grab bag exchange and it went fantastic. I got this really cute Halloween pattern that I can't wait to stitch. It was a fantastic relaxing weekend. Now I'm ready to stay home for a little bit haha. No overnight stays planned till December haha.


  1. Hello Katie

    A lovely finish, love the colours.
    Your retreat sounds great - pure stitching, what could be better!
    Have a good day x

  2. That' cute I need to find some stitchy retreats :)

  3. Fantastic finish. You stitched that up so quickly. Sounds like you had a great time :)

  4. Love your stitching Katie, you finished it so quickly. Your retreat sounds wonderful. I wish we had these in the UK!

  5. Congrats on the great finish Katie.


  6. Lovely finish!!:) Is this the fastest finish ever that you have done?
    you are so lucky to find friends for local retreat . Enjoy !!

  7. December is not that far away girl! You flew through that project--congrats on the cute finish!

  8. lovely finish :D sounds like you had such a fun time.


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