Oct 31, 2016

Just in time October Whimsy

 (Finish 25) October 31st
A Year of Whimsy by Dimensions (Out of Print)
Stitched on Perforated Paper
Used Suggested DMC
Started whole project for DUCJC Jan 1st, 2016.
Took 6 Days.
Just in time! I literally just finished this one and hurried to get it posted before November gets here. This was a close one. Love it though!! I can't believe I only have two of these whimsy's left.

Friday Mom and I was outside doing some yardwork. We were pulling up our tomato plants since they were done for the season. I just heard her screaming and saw her holding her arm. She was barely able to walk inside the house. She told me she thought she did something to her arm. She couldn't move it at all. So I insisted she go get it looked. Didn't seem like it was okay to wait and see what happened. I worried her arm was out of socket. She went to a walk in clinic and they sent her immediately to a specialist. The lady told her she thinks she tore her bicep tendon muscle. OUCH!! No surgery required because of mom's age. It wouldn't really help much and it would be a horrible recovery. So she gave her pain meds and told her to ice it. Now that some time has passed I don't think it was a complete tear I think she just pulled it. She is still in pain but I think she really lucked out. She is finally able to move it more today. The healing process will be a long one but hopefully not as long as originally thought to be. Not a nice welcome home from the garden. Fred and me were able to get it all finished up Saturday.

By the way Happy Halloween!! I'm so behind on blog reading but I wanted to get my October Whimsy finished up before I turned the calendar to November. Goal met now I can breath a little.


  1. He's worth the rush to get him done - what a cutie! Best wishes for an uneventful and complete healing for your mom.

  2. Your racoon (it is, isn't it?) looks fantastic!! A great finish on time for Halloween.
    Hope your mum is not suffering too much and her arm get better soon... I always say this to hubby: Gardening is not good for you, better stay indoor & stitch! ;)

  3. Oh my! I shall pray for healing for your Mom! Who would think gardening could hurt? Your October Whimsy is cute! Yes, two more and you reached your goal on that series... Very good! Hugs!

  4. Awesome finish, and wow, I'm so sorry she hurt her arm so badly! I hope she heals quickly.

  5. Hope mum is not too sore, sounds really painful.
    Cute October finish

  6. What a very cute finish, I love the smile on his face. I hope your mom gets better soon. Take care.

  7. This year has gone by so quickly The Raccoon is perfect for October, he already has a Mask. Love your Whimsy's. Prayers for your mom

  8. Another cutie - you have done well to keep up with these designs.
    Hope your Mum's arm is better soon.

  9. What a shame, your poor Mum. Hope her arm is better soon. Love your latest Whimsy x

  10. Oh fantastic, your little October guy. He is just adorable. And he made it in time :)
    Sorry to hear about your mom's arm. These things are always so painful and take a lot of time to heal. Wishing your mom a good recovery.

  11. What a cute raccoon but ouch for your Mum! I've hurt my elbow somehow but only if I stretch it out so I'm fine with stitching.

  12. Uh oh I hope she's better now! I've done that it sucks! Great finish :)


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