Feb 13, 2017

Monday Update

I blinked and missed last week it feels like. I know I did a lot of stuff but I felt like I just wasn't accomplishing anything. I got a few days progress into Family Crest. Will update the progress on the 15th for the Gifted Gorgeousness Update. Then I worked on the Feb Snapshot...
I really thought I would get it finished up. I just didn't seem to steal the time I needed. But I did get a lot done and it will be done very soon.

I pulled out my sewing machine last week to get some finished pieces finished off. I swear everything that could go wrong did. I have no idea what was causing it but I sure couldn't get the sewing machine to do what I wanted to do. So I had to leave it and walk away. I had several other things go wrong the same day so hopefully it was just a bad day and next time my brain and sewing machine will work together. If not I'm in big trouble with all those fun pillows I was looking forward to making.

Tomorrow is the Valentine Blog Hop. So make sure to hop back for that. I have a long list of to do's this week and everything I did already today wasn't on the list of course haha. Is it okay to add the things you do extra so you feel like you accomplished more? LOL So I hope everyone has a great week. Hopefully it doesn't zoom by like the last one.


  1. Looks great Katie.


  2. Beautiful work and it was a strange full moon kind of week here too.

  3. Your February snapshot is so pretty! It looks like good progress to me. That happens to me too with my sewing machine. Best to leave it until it's in a better mood!

  4. You made good progress!! Sometimes things don't come out as they are planned.

  5. It already looks very nice. I just love these snapshots.

  6. Great progress on the Feb snapshot.


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