Jul 23, 2008

July Ornament

A cute finish. This was a freebie someone posted on one of my yahoo boards. I thought it would be a quick July Ornament. I really enjoyed stitching it. I added the little 2008 at the bottom so I would know when I stitched it.

I tried to post the other day and I guess it decided to go away. Just basically saying we had a nice weekend visiting with my dad. I've really been in a stitching mood. Feels good finally.


  1. Hi Katie! your ornament is lovely and I think your pirate's creed finish looks great! Congrats on your finishes.

    I see that you belong to the stitching blogger's club. I am trying to get the group more active. Stop by and pay us a visit. We would love to see you!


  2. Cute ornament!
    Hey check out my blog!
    Debra in Indiana

  3. looks great!!!!!
    Keep up the great work with your ornaments!!!!!


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