Oct 30, 2008

2 past finishes

I realized I forgot to post my last two ornaments I did. These are both from the Cross Stitch Christmas 2002 magazine. I just love these. I totally changed them color wise of course to make them my own. I love the added effect of the beads. Since I have wished for more like it. I just think they are beautiful. I finished the bottom one beginning of October and that was on of the last thing I stitched until just recently. They are both on green Aida. The scan shows different.

So far I've been able to actually keep in my online groups. It's so nice. Plus I've been stitching on the kit in the last entry. Hopefully tomorrow or something I will have a picture of it to post. See ya then.


  1. wow, another update!!!!! Good for Katie! Both look great!!! Your tree is going to be pretty this year!!!! Keep it up!

  2. Those are really nice. I love the red one.
    Debra in Indiana

  3. I love your two ornaments - you picked great colours for them.


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