Jan 14, 2009

Two New Finishes

Yesterday was a productive day for me. I finished two ornaments. We ended up having a snow day. Jeremiah normally has physical therapy on Tuesdays. We canceled it due to the snow and major cold temps. So we stayed home and rested. We both felt like we needed an extra weekend day haha. I played on the computer till afternoon and then settled in for some stitching time. To my surprise I finished two things.

I had already started on my next Mill Hill Winter Greetings. I already finished Frosty earlier. Now I have 4 to go. These are so much fun. I really wish Mill Hill would make some more. This is even a finished finish. I backed it with black sticky felt. The bead hanger is the suggested package way of finishing. It's so easy and quick to do.

Then I dug through my bag of ornaments I have kitt
ed up. Well actually I told hubby to pick one cause I couldn't decide. He picked out this deer ornament. It's a freebie found online. I used DMC 312. I started it during American Idol and amazingly finished it before bed. I really enjoyed it. Jeremiah laughed at it and asked why it had holes in it. He thought I made a mistake. We both said it might have happened after it hit our porch haha. I can picture this as a little circle ornament. Adding it to my box of things to be finished. I'm having another finishing day at my friends house Annette's on the 31st.

I realized I have been doing these little things for a long time. I kinda miss working on large designs. I need to go through my stash. I know I have a million things I could be working on. Of course none of them are calling my name. I think my HAED is calling my name right now. I get to take a trip to my not so LNS end of Feb. So maybe I will find something to stitch on. Like I need something new haha.


  1. Nice finishes. I did that reindeer too! Wow...GMTA.

  2. Congrats on your finishes they are both so cute. Are you going to start a new bap or work on one that you have already started?
    Debra in Indiana

  3. they both are great Katie!!!! I love the Mill Hill ones! Gee, have I told you that a time or two already!?!?!?! I must find them!!

  4. Very Cute stitching Katie.


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