Jan 9, 2009

2nd Finish

My 2nd finish of 2009. This was found at the Gazette site. They have some beautiful freebies. A friend of mine Milly finished this one in the green and red theme and I just loved it that way. I have added this one to my box of things to finish when I go to Annette's next time.

So I see several people are interested in Wii Fit. I tell you what it's fantastic. I would very much recommend it to people. I worked out yesterday for an hour and today. It's amazing. I'm sore of course but I think that means it's working. I would never be the type to follow along with a DVD. Since this is interactive as far as your stepping on the board the right way I'm in love. I'm hooked. I have already earned my money back just in the first 4 days of using it.


  1. so pretty Katie! I love this pattern! I have it printed out, but stitching time for ME is very limited right now!! ( you know that feeling, don't you!?!?)
    I may have to look into the Wii fit one of these days. Change in workout routines would be good!!

  2. I have been looking into getting the wii fit. DH said I can get one with our taxes.

  3. Oh wow it turned out great! Glad to have inspired you.


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