Feb 5, 2009

Another First Time Finish

This was on my list to do in 2009 and I did it!! I completed my first biscornu! I'm happy with it. Of course it's not perfect but hey neither am I. Yet another wonderful freebie I found online. Literally there are MILLIONS of these things to stitch online. I can now see why. It was fun to stitch. It's just too cute. What a great way to finish somethi
ng. I can definitely see a large basket full in my near future haha.

I also have something else to show. I've been wanting an ornament tree to display my ornaments on. Well I found this card holder and thought it was very pretty. So I'm going to try it. I'm not totally happy with it. You really have to try hard to get them to stay on. But once they are on it looks perfect. I'm going to leave it up for a bit and then I might take it down and put the ornaments into a large basket instead. Anyway here it is. What do you think?


  1. Wow, Katie! I like it! It's lovely!
    Alexandrina "MatrioshkaBiscornu"

  2. I really think that is neat.
    Debra in Indiana

  3. Hey cute idea I think its great I have never seen anything like that before

  4. I love the Biscornu!!! It is just gorgeous and you done wonderful on the finishing!!! I think that tree is perfect!!! It looks great!


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