Feb 23, 2009

WIP Update

So I posted Thursday and I ran back to my stitching. The pirate dragon was just screaming stitch me. Since it was the sky part it's not so much confetti stitching so I knew I could get a lot done if I tried. Thursday I got 420 stitches in. Friday I picked it up again and got only 240 cause we went Flea Marketing. Saturday I got a lot of time again and stitched 410 more. So I stitched 1,070 stitches in just the three days. If only I could do this with other not HAED designs LOL like my gardening gnome I would finish him in a day. Oh well. Now I'm down to confetti stitches again so it will drag until I start the next column. Here is the update pic.

Then Sunday was my Gnome SAL. Here is my update on him. See I didn't get nearly as much done haha.

This week I think I'm going to work on a little exchange piece. It's a small one so I will have that quick finish feeling. Have to see what screams stitch me. Right now I'm catching up on emails and doing some other computer stuff. I joined a new yahoo group and I'm really enjoying getting to know the ladies on there.


  1. Looking great Katie! Your needles are smoking!
    Kim P in MO(from ESC)

  2. Looks good, Katie. That gnome is cute!

  3. The Pirate Dragon is amazing...don't know if I could do stitches like that without messing it up somewhere!

  4. Katie,
    Your needles have really been smokin' this past week. Great progress!



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