Mar 11, 2009

March Block Swap

I finished this cute little block. We have this exchange in ILCS. Where we stitch a themed block. The theme for March was set for Easter. I seen this adorable pattern and just had to stitch it. It was in the April 2009 The Cross Stitcher. I really changed the colors though than what they used. I like to use what I have handy for these exchanges. This will be another hard one to part with.

I don't have an update for the Gnome piece. I was a slacker this past Sunday and didn't feel like stitching haha. So it just sat there and glared at me. Hubby told me I didn't have to work on it if I didn't want to so blame him haha.

We've had interesting weather lately. Sunday we had tornado warnings and 66 degrees. Today it's horrible 45mph wind and 28. No wonder everyone is sicker than a dog. Hope this finds everyone doing good.


  1. That is such a cute piece! Very nicely done! The weather has been crazy here in West Texas too! Today is is in the 30's with sprinkles and it is suppose to get worse and colder as the day goes on.

  2. He's a cute Katie...just screams Easter and Spring.

  3. That is soooooo cute!

  4. he is very cute. We are having weird weather in WNY as well. It was warm for a few days and then today it dropped to the 20s and 45 MPH winds.

  5. I love this litle square.


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