Aug 13, 2009

Big Update

I have a lot I want to say and keep forgetting to update. So I guess I'll do it all in one. Might as well right? LOL Otherwise I'll just keep putting it off.

So last weekend we went to the US 127 World's Longest Garage Sale. It starts in North West Ohio in a town called West Unity and goes to Alabama. Crossing through 5 states. It goes on from Thursday through Sunday. Mom, Jeremiah and I went over Thursday morning and started at West Unity. It was amazing. We couldn't believe how many people that were shopping and selling. It was fun watching the license plates. New Jersey. New Orleans. New York. California (don't know if they really came for just this or not) It was too neat. People do this every year with friends and what not so they knew what they wanted to do. We found a ton of stuff for my mom to resale. Let's see. 25 Baskets, 146 Glassware Items, 6 things for other people, I stole 12 things, Mom stole 8 things. That's a quick breakdown. I got some cheap school supplies while I was shopping. Fred and Betty plus the dogs met us in Dayton Ohio Friday night. We shopped together Saturday and Sunday. We made it to Frankfort, Kentucky and then turned around to head back home. Here are two pictures to kinda prove the chaos.

Other news in life we start our home school year on the 17th. We are doing a short half day week of review to get used to it again. Then full blown studies on the 24th. I'm so looking forward to it. Jeremiah says he is but you know how kids are "You mean I can't just play play station all day?" I just can't believe he is starting 6th grade. The books look alot of fun this year though.

Stitching wise. I finished the biscornu and started a new one. They are fun to do. I got kinda bored though and pulled out my HAED Pirate Dragon. I flew on it again. So the break helped a lot. I also received two RAKs in the mail (Random Acts of Kindness) and plan to have a new WIP soon. One was a collectibles RAK which contained a bunch of neat Pirate Stuff. The other was a beautiful dragon. Here are pictures of those.

I just kitted up the dragon to start soon. Have to make a quick run to Hobby Lobby for just a few threads tomorrow then I can start. Life is good just very busy it seems. We have a lot planned too of course which means a lot to look forward to or a lot of waiting haha. Hopefully I can remember to update more often.


  1. I love the dragon - it is beautiful! I read some of your blog and want to ask a question . . . how do you know how many stitches you have made in a project already? Do you keep count while you work?

  2. Wow, looks like you had a lot of fun. Your biscornu is beautiful.


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