Sep 2, 2009

9-2 Update

Here is a progress picture of my Crescent Moon Dragon. I just love stitching on this piece. I have to thank Chris again for this beautiful pattern. The holes in the wing gets these beautiful greenish beads. I added one in the top of the wing just so I could see what it looks like. With the Q-Snaps though I think I will add them last. I also added a bit of the moon which is all # 4 braid Kreinik. Actually I'm not having a hard time with it this time. I think because I know it's going to be beautiful it helps haha. The sparkle in real life is just gorgeous. I'm trying to use shorter lengths too and it really seems to be helping. I feel like I stitch and stitch and get no where but looking at my last WIP picture to this one I can tell I got a lot done.

Life has been busy as always. Started Jeremiah's home schooling back up. We are in the 2nd book week. We did a week of review at the beginning so it's actually week 3. This years books are laid out very nice. We are having a lot of fun. I'm trying not to push so hard. Jeremiah is trying. So together we are making a pretty good team. I still can't believe he's in 6th Grade!! We have so many fun activities coming up through October. Every weekend in October I'm doing something. Crazy. I just have to try to breath when I get the chance haha.


  1. CMD looks beautiful!!! Great progress!

  2. Gorgeous work!! Glad that the homeschooling is going well!


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