Sep 21, 2009

An Update

I'm here. Just been busy. We went on a lovely mini vacation to a beautiful state park in southern Indiana. It's called McCormick's Creek for the locals. It was for a geocaching Fall Picnic. The above picture is how Jeremiah spent the majority of the time. I told them I think he's allergic to fall so next year they have to call it Autumn Picnic. haha We did have a nice weekend overall. Poor Jeremiah was just sick most of Saturday. He still enjoyed himself he said.

I did a little bit of stitching here and there. I put quite a few stitches into a biscornu but didn't finish. I put some more into the Crescent Moon Dragon. Nothing worth a picture. I put some into a Mill Hill Halloween kit. Again nothing worth a picture. Just here and there. We've been busy doing a million things as always. Just remembered I hadn't updated in a long time. Life is good just busy busy.

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  1. oh how fun, but poor Jeremiah. I hope he is all better now!
    I am wanting to get to Brown County in the next couple weeks. Haven't been there in years & I have a feeling the colors are going to be gorgeous this year!


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