Jan 2, 2010

New Toy

I got a new toy today. I had some Christmas money and it was of course burning a hole in my pocket. So off we went to the used computer store nearby. I told the guy what I wanted and he lead me right to it. It was the cheapest one but did everything I need it to do. So of course I said Mine Mine Mine haha. I'm the proud of owner of a new to me Dell laptop. It's a Latitude D610. I also bought a mouse and case. So I'm all set to stop borrowing hubbies laptop when we travel. Wohoo. Hey I might even remember to catch up now that I can post from my couch haha. My dog is happy. She can sit beside me and I can pet her and surf the net haha. How spoiled are both of us. HaHa


  1. great gift to yourself. Wonder if we have a used computer store by us.

  2. very nice Katie!!!!! Enjoy!


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