Feb 20, 2010

On the Way Home

Well we didn't have internet at our Disney hotel. So I only checked in once. This picture really shows it all. We are DEAD tired. My poor feet have never walked so far. A few times I almost cried to just stand up.

Wow how to describe our trip. Magical. Amazing. Unbelievable. Never to be Forgotten. A few times I had tears in my eyes. Jeremiah almost had tears in his eyes this morning when it was time to leave. We rode the tram one last time and he said he was going to handcuff himself to the rail so we couldn't make him go. It was precious. Last night we took a pirate boat ride and got to watch the fireworks on the water. It was so much fun. Disney doesn't do anything small that's for sure. We decided to take I-75 home. Tonite we are in Tifton, GA. Mom and I have a head cold but I'll take it over the pneumonia we all got last time. We took 500 photos last time I checked. I can't wait to see what moments we captured. I'll post as many as I can to webshots to share. We are planning on making it home Monday. I know a little puppy dog that will be glad when I make it home.

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